Parents/guardians, please read:

I give permission for appropriate medical aid to be sought for my child if the need arises. I give permission for my child to be transported by ambulance for medical assistance in the case of an emergency, or by an appropriate senior leader to safety  if an unsafe circumstance should arise.

I give permission for my child to be photographed for promotional purposes only.

Oatley Anglican Church respects your right to privacy. We collect and use personal information to support our Christian ministry programs which seek to assist and nurture children. We do not pass this information to other parties. All Oatley Anglican Children's and Youth Leaders have undergone child protection training. For further information contact Benita Ollerton (Associate Minister- Youth) on or 02 9580 8950.

In filling and submitting this registration form I indicate my willingness to permit my child to participate in the activities of Oatley Anglican Church. I understand that whilst all reasonable care will be taken, I accept full responsibility for my child. Should an emergency arise, I understand that every effort to contact me will be made. If all avenues of contact with me have been unsuccessfully attempted, the Emergency Contact person listed in this form is aware of their role and should be called in such cases.